T. Banks Drone Video & Drive video

A Drone aerial photography video has been added here on the website.

Click below to view it. We think you will like seeing the community from a different perspective than you see driving or walking through it.

When you click the link below it will take you to a YouTube page to view it. The complete video is about 8 minutes.

If you click in the window frame you will see a dotted rectangle in the lower right that will open it to full screen. Also clicking on the screen should let you see a Start/Pause button along with forward and back buttons.

if you have any comments or questions send an email to: [email protected] and he will get back to you.

Thanks to Dave Francey for doing this. Registered Users can see his Classified Ad here on the website under the Communications section. if you need a drone video Dave’s contact information is there.

Click here for TBDrone Video

Warren Bumpus created the video of the street view around Timber Banks -check it out with the link below. Thank you Warren!

Click here for the drive video of the neighborhood, drive through Timber Banks video