TB Residents Ed and Sharon Pack, along with Bill “Coach” and Dottie Tweedy, are putting together a history of Timber Banks.

Additional info on the “Willett Tract and Home”.

And the “Historic Marker” .

Ed spoke with Gary Pooler and found out: “Gary Pooler, he said he thinks he bought the property back in 2007 or 2008. It was 2 farms a total of 887 acres. The remnants of a brick foundation of the old Willett home which was taken down in 1970 is off hole 17 behind  a home on Long Shadow Dr.”

Ed spoke with Karen in the Town of Lysander office and she supplied him the deeds from the sale of the properties that became Timber Banks. She is also scanning an archeological study of the site they have at the Town. When that is ready it will be added here on the attached page of historical documents.

Bill "Coach" Tweety found out the following from Kyle Erdige who was the golf superintendent from 2010-2017. Pooler had holes 12 and 13 completed first so cars passing on river rd.could see the golf course developing. The golf course was designed by Jack Nicklaus design team and the sand in the sand traps came from a quarry in Ohio. This sand is used on all Nicklaus designed golf courses. The first golf course superintendent was a Chris Richter. The full opening of the golf course was memorial day May 2010. Finally for every acre of wetlands disturbed  three acres of wetlands had to be created.